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 Zabrak the Cleric. 
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Post Zabrak the Cleric.
Hello world.

NPC's involved:


Places: Empo Sar Temple(347,926,1).

I'm Zabrak and When I spawned in the world of Phobos, precisely in the town of Timari, which is a domain of the Emposian continent. As soon I started the journey in the surround of Timari, I had made my choice to play as a Cleric, choice made thinking not only about me, therefore the reason is simple, I want to heal all kind of curses on people. I don't think death is something We have to deal with. It's time to change this, I don't want mine journey partners to get any curse, and If They get wounded I wont mind to waste all energy contained in this lonely soul healing all their injuries and also, blocking creatures and dealing damage to explode all kind of malicious behavior against our race. I have just become a Cleric, It had a price in coins, which took me a lot of time to collect all the equipment in Forina's Zombie. That's true, I tried to beg the Guildmaster, Thom Alingson, for me, He isn't just a master, but also a God, He gave me all the power I need, sadly He spoke to me his decision was done and He has a job in the Town of Empo Sar, and explained He has to pay his fee to the kingdom as any other person to promote an adventurer.

The First journey as a Cleric.
NPC's involved: Alexander the Jewelry.

Places: Empo Sar North Gate, Alexander Jewelry(345,936,1).

Leaving Empo Sar from the Temple to the Town of Timari, I first decide to meet a few people of Empo Sar, just some steps below the Temple, I met Alexander, and how rude is him, He doesn't want discounts and don't know Why He spoke It to me. How He knows that I'm a beggar, just because of my cloths? I could be the King of Empo Sar wearing these cloths to become a common citizen. Alexander has not many valuables but It cost tons most of his products. Bye, Alexander, good luck with your jewelry. Stepping foward to the north-gate, after a small amount of footprints to the east, I see a house many houses, above, below, to the left or right, Empo Sar looks like a developped town. I see Samantha's Potion Shop, and as I consider leaving this town, potions are a must, but just enough, I don't want to ruin currency balance. Samantha is friendly, unlike Alexander, at least She gives explanations before asking my needs. Bought 15 vials, the small one. I gone ahead on the same street, and Empo Sar looks good sorted, on this street I can also find a breadstore on the other side of samantha's potion shop, but a little to the east, what a surprise. The bread is cheap. I ll take some, thanks to Bertron the store property. On my way, I see Ross, which has a deal with plants and fruits, a small shop, It probably deserve to be better spotted, don't think She fits this street, maybe a bigger house for exposition of her business. Tully is on sight in a house to the north of Bertron, very close, how I didn't see the Essential Supplies store. He sells stuff such as backpacks, torches, a variety of utilities. Crossing the street and heading to the north-gate, discouvered an Inn and just to the west is the Bank. What a big build. Certainly, the money is their business. A few residences, a man walking on the garden, the guard John, a waterfall. The guard is doing his business, He is a very rude guy. Poor of his soul. I leave Empo Sar for now, miss It all but I need get stronger to protect the kingdom and my ambition, maybe I ll rent a house there.

Outside of Empo Sar, in the fields of nobody, heading to the north-east to reach the town of...(to be continue).

Don't know if its the correct place, please change if needed.

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Post Re: Zabrak the Cleric.
Hello there, it's nice of you to share a story.

A couple of days ago I met a woman in Mirai, her name was Kathirine if I remember correcly and she was city guard. Her family name was very much alike yours. Maybe she's a distant cusin? Perhaps you should find her on one of your journeys ...

June 15, 2016, 06:55:23 PM
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