Survey: Houses

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April 30, 2010, 11:59:01 PM

1. I'd like to have storage rooms visible for people passing by, and a single room containing all my beds (something realistic, not just a big square with beds).

2. It would be good to have a counter for a shop as long as there is a special function that allows us to sell stuff, wether if we are there or automatically (like hiring some special npc or something). If there is no selling function, then there is no point in having it.

3. Sure, balconies are great. Make them easy to see and realistic.

4. Of coursie, I love gardens! But not above the house, just as a backyard or some lot beside/in front of the house, but make it impossible for people to throw stuff.

5. Big, garden houses in small towns or across the country. In the big cities just apartments for storing and showing stuff, according to the city profile.

6. Give them some more funcionality other than being filled with items. Give some options to non-paying players to have a house or at least a bed to sleep (like weekly payed hotels or something like that).
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May 01, 2010, 05:33:22 AM

What if you could place your own walls down and decide?
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May 01, 2010, 06:43:53 AM

1. Would you prefer single big rooms, or several smaller rooms? Would you want a kitchen, living room or storage room (or other room not containing beds)?

I'd prefer houses that are broken up into multiple rooms. Any where from a 1 bedroom like apartment to a large house with multiple bedrooms, a kitchen, living room, storage room, and a bathroom (which could just be a small room in the basement with a sewer grate that drops down to the floor below and is just a few squares of mud).

2. Would you want your house to have a counter so that you can use it as a shop (assume that other players can't throw lots of random trash into your house)?

If my house were in a location near to town this would be neat. A downstairs with an area to sell and an upstairs living space with a bedroom and living room or something similar.

3. Would you want a balcony?
Balcony's would be nice. Of course not every house but these would be nice spaces to have. The cost per square for a balcony should be higher than normal prices.

4. Would you want a garden? If so, would you prefer it on the roof or next to the house?

Garden on a roof if its in a busy city or town. Outside garden would be very nice to allow you to 'relax' out in the yard

5. Where would prefer your house to be located. Please consider:
  • Large city or small town?
    Nearby hunting spots?
    Nearby transportation?
    Nearby temple? (if you die a lot ;))
I think i'd like my house in the city near the hustle bustle and somewhere where its easy for me to access the other players. A house would be nice in a small town to though if it was like a countryside with a big yard or something.

6. What are the most important things you want from a house?

Making them somewhat realistic would make them alot more fun and useful. If the houses end up being large it would be cool if we could purchase sofas, tables, paintings, statues, and other things to fill up space in there and really customize it.
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May 03, 2010, 05:00:17 PM

1. Some rooms also no beds.
2. No, it's rather a bad idea.
3. Tak , ładnie to wygląda.
4. Tak , ale tylko obok domu.
5. Preferably in a big city, but some may have a villa to be outside the city.
6. Certainly bed and some small box or cabinet on different things would be useful.
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June 04, 2010, 11:22:01 PM

What if they did something along the lines of this.

Housing: Characters can buy "lots" on the website instead of buying the whole house. Than in-game said player would buy the materials he/she needs for the type of house that player wants. Example. You see a book, "The Book of Building". This book has all the information and what materials you need to build certain walls. Character wants a bamboo house. Materials needed for 1 bamboo wall: 5 pieces of bamboo.

The character would than have the materials in his/her backpack and stand in the lot he/she purchased facing whichever the player wants the wall to be facing and either says certain words or chooses the option "Bamboo wall" from a pop-up window. The wall would than be created.

This way people can completely customize their houses. When the character stops paying rent on the lot the whole house disappears.

While there is nothing on the lot the rent is cheaper. Once it is built it should cost a bit more but remember that the character has to pay for the materials to build the house. So the rent cannot be to high.

And Answers to the questions:

1. I prefer several smaller rooms just because that is how a house would be. A kitchen, sitting area. Meeting room for the guild halls. A bedroom or two.

2. Yes and no. If I wanted a shop at that point in time than yes. But there should be a shop system where players can sell their items to.

3. Yes I really would want a balcony!

4. I wouldn't mind a garden but probably on the side not on the roof.

5. I like to move a lot for different scenery. I like houses in town, mostly though. It's nice to have a villa in the wilderness too though.

6. Should feel like home, have decent space and look like a real house inside and out. But some houses should be very unique and cool looking. Interesting different houses with cool features are awesome.
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June 27, 2010, 03:46:42 PM

1.Prefer several smaller rooms.
2.No counter please :)
3.Yes.A balcony would be great to have.But not every house.
4. Maybe some houses to have small garden but without any bushes,flowers or anything.Just empty ground.
5.I prefer the house to be located in the biggest town there is.
6.Just that only i can enter and people to see the house inside.And maybe to go to bed in house :)I want there to be a bed
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June 27, 2010, 11:36:22 PM

1) I prefer that it looks like a real house, with kitchen, storage rooms, etc.
2) A counter would be nice, but not on every houses.
3) For sure.
4) I'd like a garden very much, makes no difference of where it is located, some houses could have it on its side or on its roof.
5) I prefer it located in cities and small towns, guildhalls could be located next to hunting spots and transportation, but not houses.
6) The most important things I want from a house are:
- Basic functions such as beds and storage.
- Decoration, to have a house different from the others.
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July 06, 2010, 02:46:54 PM

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July 09, 2010, 04:59:48 PM

1. Depending on the size of the house should decide how the rooms are set up. If it's a small house, make it basic and simple with small rooms. Medium houses should have bigger rooms, and large houses should have a mix of both. A storage room would be nice to have, I also think a library type room (unless you put bookcases in the living room) would be awesome.

2. I think a small "side house" would be perfect for that. I personally wouldnt want a counter in my house.

3. Yes, yes, and yes. :D

4. I would totally love a garden, like how it's shown in the picture provided. I think it would be really awesome if you could plant your own plants, so you can decide what types of food you want growing in your garden.

5. I would prefer a larger house out in the middle of nowhere. With maybe a larger garden. The only thing I would want somewhat "close" to it would be a hunting spot.

6. I don't want much from a house, surprisingly. I think houses should just be a place where you can chill and relax.
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July 13, 2010, 02:28:23 AM

Im a bit late but I think this may help.
1.-Several small rooms, I think a kitchen or a living room would be nice if the house it's really big, if it's small I would prefer more small rooms.
2.-In my opinion having a counter will be usless, or maybe just as decoration becouse I'm almost sure that nobody will use his house as store.
3.-A balcony would be awesome, but I think only luxury houses must have it and just a few regular house should have a small balcony.
4.-Of course I would like a big garden, personally I prefer it next to the house instad of in the roof but I think a lot of people would prefer a garden on the roof.
5.-I would prefer it on hunting places becouse it's make easy to get loot, level up, etc. But I think houses on a big city would be better becouse it gives to the game a more "Role Play" style.
6.-I think the main thing I want from a house it's a safe place where you can pass a good and relaxed time, and a nice place to show some of my preciated items to the people :D.
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July 02, 2012, 03:28:47 PM

1) Will there not be a variety? Seeing the question has me concerned the game will not be as big as I hoped it to be. I believe every players wants a selection to choose from.

2) Same as #1. Variety, counters, will ther be windows? furniture? decor? Wouldn't kill me if it wasn't in the release but may be something to think about for updates.

3) Balcony would be awesome! Maybe not on every house / apartment? But definately on some.

4) Not really sure what the use of a garden would be but it wouldn't really matter for me whether it was on ground level or the roof.

5) Definately in a city. Gives you more of a role playing experience, makes it fun to have an adventure which if your house was close to a hunting spot it would not seem like it was as much of a challenge, especially if you're going to resupply. Maybe some isolated houses would be cool spread throughout the map in random spots. I think if the houses were in the city it would also help develop the phobos social community.

6) For me a house is somewhere i can keep my items organized, maybe show off good items i have looted, and even chill when i'm not hunting.
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July 02, 2012, 06:46:24 PM

There will be somewhere around 200 player-rentable houses at release. And yes, there is lots of variety.

The point of this thread was that there's not much point making too many single-room houses, when 90% of players don't want them. The feedback in this thread convinced me to make more multiple-room houses than I had previously planned, as that was clearly what most people wanted.
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July 02, 2012, 07:18:18 PM

Single room/multi room... It is all about location!
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July 02, 2012, 08:44:53 PM

1) Multiple rooms (variety

2) Counter if it serves a purpose, being able to trade or have a "buy" function from the owner of the counter whom puts items out for sale

3) Balcony would be awesome! Maybe not on every house

4) wouldn't really matter for me whether it was on ground level or the roof or if at all.

5) Random spots, near hunting grounds & transportation (which would probably be near or in a town where the temple would be aswell so it would not matter if near a temple

6) For me a house is somewhere i can show my lootluck and my hard effort of looting something awesome & also to have a good looking house aswell :)
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July 02, 2012, 11:32:48 PM

1. Bigger rooms if the house is small (like the first one); all those walls just eat space that could be used for items. As the house gets bigger, more rooms are welcome though.

2. Maybe. I'd like to see some houses with a counter, but most of them without.

3. Totally!

4. Sure. Near a river where a could fish. If there are flowers in it and I can have my dog and some sheep, then it's perfect.

5. The biggest the town, the better. The rest doesn't matter.

6. Space to place my items; some furniture; a bed; a garden (if the house is fairly big, of course) and maybe a system that would enable me to select which rooms my friends have access to, in a way I could make a small party in the living room and not be afraid of someone stealing the gear I worked hard to get.
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