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The changelog has now been moved to the main website News section. All in-game patches and updates will be detailed there. This thread has been left here to show legacy changes.

Legacy server changes
Spoiler: Click to show
  • Multitarget system fixes which should make it clearer when multiple targets are selected (via multishot ability). It should also fix the bug with monsters appearing to be targeted before the player sees them (let us know if you still experience this).
  • Adjusted some of the text colours used by damage, healing and potion HP/MP regeneration
  • Added support for physical damage over time effects (bleeding)
  • Added support for fire damage over time effects
  • New Ability: Flurry (Rogue) - Auto-attack delay is reduced to 33% for the next 3 auto-attacks made within 4s. If 3 auto-attacks are made by the caster during this time, the 3rd will deal bonus damage equal to the average damage from the first two hits.
  • New Ability: Disembowel (Rogue) - Instant melee damage plus a big bleed effect
  • New Ability: Barbarous Throw (Rogue) - Deals instant ranged damage, slows target movement speed (-30%) for 2s, and then causes moderate bleeding on removal of the slow. [Cooldown: 15s]
  • New Ability: Volley (Marksman) - A volley of arrows fired at the same time; each arrow lands on a different square on and around the selected target.
  • New Ability: Tracker's Mark (Ranger) - Imbue a projectile with slow-acting magical damage which is minor but afflicts a single target for 120s; allowing that target to be tracked over long distances.
  • New Ability: Barkskin (Ranger) - 20-35% (based on wisdom & protection skill) reduced incoming damage for 7s.
  • Acute Frenzy attack speed bonus increased from 10% to 16%
  • Acute Frenzy duration reduced from 10s to 7s
  • Fury damage buff now directly boosts melee damage dealt (instead of strength)
  • Fury defence debuff now affects shielding value with a 60% reduction, instead of the flat 25% across all defence
  • Fury instant cost reduced from 75MP to 40MP (ability will still drain MP/s)
  • Protectorate graphic updated
  • Volent Brod graphic updated
  • Quagwyrm graphic updated
  • Lucenfly corpse updated
  • Hand axe sprite updated (woo!)
  • Fixed bug relating to monster poison damage
  • Minor adjustments to ability prices
  • Various minor map bug fixes
  • Monster levels are now displayed ingame by 'looking at' characters
  • Support for limiting ability target range (not used by any old abilities yet)
  • Various minor 'quality of life' changes for new players in Timar
  • Minor increase to some low level monster levels
  • Minor increase to some low level monster experience
  • Minor adjustments to low level monster health stats
  • Minor adjustments to low level monster defence stats
  • Wirathistle corpse loot slot count increased from 6 to 9
  • Heal Other ability will now also heal the caster a small amount
  • Heal Other ability now gives a minor movement speed increase to both caster and target
  • Heal Other ability renamed to "Restoration"
  • New Ability: Smite (Cleric) - A single strike of great force upon a single target within a radius of 2 sqm, with a lesser effect on squares adjacent to that target. The caster is healed 15% of all damage inflicted. [Cooldown: 18s]
  • Various changes made to the skill learning formulas. Your current character skill levels will not be affected by this.
  • The combined effect of these changes will have the following effects on skill learning rates:
    • Citizen - Minor increase in low-end (all).
    • Page - Minor reduction in low-end physical learning. Slight increase in mid/high-end learning (all).
    • Apprentice - Minor reduction in low-end magic learning. Slight increase in mid/high-end learning (all).
    • Knight - Minor reduction in low-end physical learning. Minor increase in high-end learning (all, except daggers).
    • Marksman - Major increase in high-end archery and firearm learning. Moderate increase in throwing learning.
    • Rogue - Moderate increase in dagger and throwing learning. Minor increase in high-end defence learning.
    • Ranger - Minor reduction in low-end nature and support learning. Minor increase in high-end archery learning.
    • Cleric - Minor reduction in magic learning.
    • Shaman - Moderate increase in high-end nature and support magic learning.
    • Wizard - Moderate increase in high-end destruction magic learning.
    • Sorcerer - Moderate increase in high-end nature and destruction magic learning.
  • Condemn ability will now do slightly less damage
  • Condemn ability now has a hard damage cap of 500
  • Condemn spell scroll icon updated
  • Virulence damage timers reduced so that damage is done more quickly (and ability duration is reduced)
  • Fixed Shaman outfit bug when facing/walking west
  • Mountain Troll level increased from 43 to 45
  • Various minor map fixes
  • Human 'quest corpses' are now unmovable (in fact, so are most other human map-placed corpses; consider this 'stage 1')
  • Fixed bug relating to rendering of alpha-transparency
  • Fixed server crashing bug relating to banishment duration
  • Fire Fist icon changed
  • Choice of Page/Apprentice no longer affects ability options for hybrid classes
  • Fixed a server crashing bug relating to unfriending
  • Fixed a server crashing bug relating to moving containers
  • Fixed several bugs relating to banks
  • Party level-restrictions removed
  • New Ability: Crippling Shot (Marksman) - Fire a projectile at a target, dealing damage and slowing the target's movement speed (-10%), and increase the caster's movement speed (+15%). We need some new ranged combat ability icons…
  • Improved implementation of spell and effect targeting (allowing more ability options, including the above)
  • Aggressive abilities should no longer train any skills when used on yourself
  • Double Shot ability damage modifier increased from +60% to +80%
  • Double Shot cooldown increased from 2s to 6s
  • Double Shot mana cost increased from 20MP to 25MP
  • Mordrir now has a small chance of targeting the lowest HP player in view
  • If Mordrir retargets based on the highest damage dealer, she now has a chance of resetting the 'fire breath' ability cooldown
  • Mordrir's mega-"CHOMP" will heal her a lot more if it kills the target
  • Mordrir's mega-"CHOMP" will now make her say "CHOMP CHOMP!", just to give you that warm fuzzy feeling of knowing that you were within milliseconds of death
  • New Ability: Flash Frost (Sorcerer) - The ground under a target will become blighted with a severe and immediate frost, slowing the target's movement (-25%) for 1.8s and dealing damage to them
  • Ensnare ability (Shaman) is now an aimed AoE ability, so also affects sqm adjacent to the primary target
  • Condemn scroll description added
  • Condemn given unique icon
  • Various minor graphical fixes
  • Page outfit glitch fixed
  • Cave Troll updated graphic
  • Mountain Troll updated graphic
  • Fixed Precision animation
  • Fixed Crippling Strike animation
  • Updated charge animation
  • Updated acute frenzy animation
  • Protectorate Knights no longer walk away from a target they're next to
  • Cave Troll no longer walk away from a target they're next to
  • Mountain Troll combat delay fixed
  • Mountain Troll movement speed reduced by 5%
  • Mordrir now slightly more likely to change target if current target is not on low HP
  • Temporary route to Mordrir opened
  • Small new area with mountain trolls
  • Various minor map fixes
  • New ability: Condemn (Wizard) - Mark a target, after 3 seconds damage will be done to that target equal to 15-30% of their current HP.
  • Wirathistle melee minimum damage reduced
  • Quagwyrm "CHOMP!" warning time increased to 800ms
  • Fixed certain cave walls which weren't blocking projectiles
  • Protectorate Knights 'defensive pose' no long affects incoming ranged and magical damage
  • Protectorate Knight will no longer heal if a potential target is onscreen
  • Volent now has a chance to change target to lower-HP targets within 2 sqm
  • Fixed a server crashing bug related to selling items
  • Wirathistle melee max hit increased significantly, but is also much more variable
  • Wirathistle 'cling' ability adjusted; this ability is now much stronger but also avoidable
  • Wirathistle ranged attack increased slightly
  • Wiralof damage increase slightly
  • Wiralof behaviour is now much less predictable. Its movement speed will adjust depending on whether it's chasing a new target. It may also switch targets to a lower HP player if available
  • Lord Volent's critical strike fixed
  • Protectorate Knight critical strike fixed
  • Most ranged monsters may now try to chase you if you get out of LOS (some already did this): Ferorn, Goblin Witchmaster, Goblin Summoner, Helina Floretty, Nysandra, Orc Bowman, Orc Hunter, Orc Magus, Outlaw Hunter, Outlaw Thief, Skeleton Archer
  • Reduced loot rate on all of the high-end equipment; other loot values have been adjusted to maintain average loot levels
  • Witchhazel now gives flowers when picked
  • Fixed a few minor map bugs
  • Fixed bug with guilds assigning the first page/apprentice quest to players
  • Added description to coins to remind players how much they're worth
  • Fixed server crashing bug
  • Various map bugs fixed
  • Orc Brute no longer has an aggro range
  • Slow monster movement by 30% if they're fleeing
  • Orc Legionnaire no longer flees
  • Corpses now only have slot counts that are divisible by 3 (with a few exceptions)
  • Corpses no longer be usable as backpacks (really?!)
  • Fixed bug with player pathing in swamps and around stairholes
  • Ranger outfit glitch fix
  • Adjustment to Sirl's corpse; it is now regular corpse that decays at a much quicker rate (3s in total)
  • Haste spell re-aligned to be over the player
  • Fixed a server crashing bug relating to the combat report
  • New map areas (Wirafal Basin)
  • Monsters now path correctly around holes and stairs instead of getting stuck on them.
    Monster targeting has been adjusted to make it fairer; it now uses the same logic as players to determine whether an attack may be landed.
  • Tweaked the behaviour of a lot of monsters (see below), and added support for a few completely new behaviours. More specifically, this includes more control of when and how monsters change target, support for adjusting base monster defence/dodge chance during combat, and more.
  • Various monsters may now attempt to flee or change their behaviour slightly based on HP
  • Goblin now has a chance of dealing a critical strike
  • Rats have chance of doing an extra attack
  • All skeletons physical defence lowered considerably
  • Skeletons now have a chance of dealing a critical strike
  • Skeleton Warrior magic defence increased slightly
  • Skeleton Warriors now have a 'frenzy' ability
  • Reduced walking speed of Outlaw Bandit
  • Orc Savage will now preferentially target the player with the lowest HP
  • Orc Magus will now get 'enraged' if the targeted player is closer; reducing the frequency of healing spells and increasing the frequency of aggressive attacks (melee attacks still have a minor life-steal effect)
  • Cave Troll now has an aggro range (poor eyesight!) and its combat behaviour will change slightly with its health.
  • Hill Giants will now aggro on the player doing most damage to them, and they will get more angry as they loses HP (increasing damage, but reducing defence). They also have a very occasional heavy attack now. Some of you are going to die. Sorry (not sorry).
  • Probably others we forgot
  • New ability (Shaman): Ensnare - [placeholder for the proper Ensnare ability which will be AoE and use another spell animation] Ensnare a single target in a tangle of roots rising up from the ground, slowing their movement (-50%) and inflicting a moderate amount of damage.
  • New ability (Sorcerer): Elemental Missile - low-mana destructive/nature missile ability auto-aimed at current target. This should make hunting with the sorcerer class much less tedious and wasteful.
  • Acute Frenzy now also counts non-damaging hits towards the attack speed buff
  • Adjusted Swift Strike damage formula to make it scale better
  • Adjusted Crippling Strike damage formula to make it scale better
  • Adjusted Pebble Missile damage formula to scale slightly better
  • Deflect cooldown increased from 10s -> 16s and self-slow increased from 10% -> 15% (this ability really needs to be completely redone, and will be at some point, don't get comfortable!)
  • Charge ability duration increased from 2.5s -> 3.5s and cooldown reduced from 20s -> 14s
  • Many new weapons/armors available, particularly at the higher-end
  • Increased attack rating of almost all 2H weapons by between 6% and 10%
  • Added small melee damage modifier to high-end gauntlets
  • Increased magic buff stats on all wands by 100% [this change will be reverted when wand stats are changed to affect damage output rather than just adjusting skills]
  • Increased melee attack rating of all wands by 20%
  • Fixed various item names/descriptions
  • Added missing stats to 40+ items
  • Adjusted various stats of 20+ items
  • Item price balancing on 70+ items
  • Items may no longer be placed on holes (where previously they would appear to hover)
  • Temporarily increased damage stat of venom arrows, later they will actually cause poison damage
  • Added new bolt type, broadhead quarrel
  • Increase quiver slot size from 6 to 12
  • Tier-3 class outfits now all have sitting poses!
  • Most class outfits have been updated with improvements
  • Player pathfinding in marsh areas now works properly
  • Increased in-game play area by 1sqm
  • Removed the 'moral choice' of stealing from Melius. It was always a pretty lazy implementation and it probably doesn't belong in Phobos MMO anyway
  • New console command "online list" allows players to see a list of other players currently online
  • Fixed server crashing bug related to monster pathfinding/targeting.
  • Fixed client kicks caused by too much data being sent between server and client
  • Forest Imp slow reduced but duration increased
  • Zombie Plaguebearer desiccation aura increased in damage and reduced in duration
  • Zombie Plaguebearer auto-attack speed variation and damage increased
  • Zombie Plaguebearer walk speed increased
  • Skeleton Warrior minimum damage increased
  • Skeleton Warrior attacks speed is now slightly random
  • Blow Bug physical/magical defence increased
  • Pisaura poison duration reduced
  • Orc Magus healing rate decreased
  • Various minor map bugs and fixes
  • Various item stacking bugs fixed
  • Adjusted monster loot
    Cave Troll
    Forest Imp
    Goblin Summoner
    Goblin Witchmaster
    Maned Trow
    Orc Beastmaster
    Orc Bowman
    Orc Brute
    Orc Hunter
    Orc Legionnaire
    Orc Savage
    Outlaw Bandit
    Outlaw Hunter
    Outlaw Thief
    Rioters (all)
    Skeleto Archer
    Skeleton Warrior
    Soil Golem
    Zombie Fiend
  • Adjusted monster behaviour
    Snake movement speed reduced
    Warthog movement speed increased
    Outlaw Thief now less passive
    Orc Hunter level increased, damage increased, close range chance of poison increased
    Sal Cotton heal bug fixed, increased damage, increased level/experience
    Archenaid armor reduced
    Hill giant magic defence reduced
    Giant armor reduced
    Cave troll armor reduced
    Orc Bowman level and damage increased
    Forest Imp now has a slowing ability
    Cave Troll attack speed adjusted
    Giant health regen reduced, damage minimum increased
    Orc Brute attack speed slightly increased
  • Many items given a magical defence rating
  • Fury ability defence debuff increased from -20% to -25%
  • Melee attack calculation adjusted to improve scaling based on attack rating
  • Melee defence calculation adjusted to increase the impact and scaling of the defence skill
  • Adjusted projectile-throwing rules with mountain walls
  • Map holes visually tweaked to make 'trap holes' fairer. Trap holes should now also have descriptions added to them to make it clear that they are one-way.
  • Extended server suicide delay from 5s to 20s
  • Adjustment to deflect ability, so that it no longer adds points into the skill pool, only removes from it to go towards skill learning
  • Minor adjustment to the defence skill learning formula to reduce effectiveness of AFK training with multiple low level creatures
  • Fixed server crash occurring when logging out with certain abilities still active
  • Fixed 3 monster combat behaviour client-crashing bugs
  • Adjusted swift strike (was 10%, now 15% damage bonus)
  • Fixed various items with status modifiers (e.g. Ring of might)
  • Minor adjustment to combat report output
  • Fixed various minor map bugs
  • Fixed various minor item bugs
  • Fixed various minor NPC bugs
  • Fixed bug where using shield/absorb ablities did not train the protection skill
  • Fixed 4 monster combat behaviour client-crashing bugs
  • Fixed various map bugs
  • Fixed various item bugs
  • Various map fixes
  • Various monster fixes
  • Fixed a bug relating to lamp decaying
  • Various map fixes
  • Fixed server crashing bug
  • Empo Sar and a few other small locations now accessible
  • Many minor map bugs fixed
  • Minor updates to Timar map (to fix the ongoing 'graphics legacy' problem)
  • Some adjustments to certain hunting areas
  • In-game tutorial balloons will now provide some basic help and tips in Timar
  • Subclass promotions may now be bought (knight, marksman, rogue, ranger, cleric, shaman, wizard, sorcerer)
  • Behaviour of the following creatures has been adjusted: Archenaid, Giant, Goblin Witchmaster, Huntsman, Orc Beastmaster, Orc Bowman, Orc Hunter, Orc Savage, Nysandra Celistriel, Rat, Rhodosus, Snake, Soil Golem, Spiderling, Warthog, Webweaver, Zombie, Zombie Fiend
  • Support for creature abilities which may change creature/player movement speed
  • Support for player abilities will now act speed up or slow down target movement
  • Ice Shard, Virulence, Deflect, Fury abilities will now change caster/target movement speed
  • Deflect ability duration reduced
  • Several items will now adjust player movement speed
  • Starting player items adjusted
  • New characters will be created with the abilities "Swift Strike" and "Quickshot"
  • "Swift Strike" is automatically assigned to the first hotkey (default F1) on new characters
  • Characters created before the update who did not already know the abilities "Swift Strike" and "Quickshot" may learn these abilities for free simply by visiting Kurt Talbot (Page Guilds leader) in Timari, or Thom Alingson (Guildmaster) in Empo Sar
  • Buff abilities will no longer add EXP into the skill pool, instead they only remove EXP from the pool. This fits better with the functionality of these abilities as support spells to be used alongside aggressive abilities
  • Abilities are now taught by drag & dropping from shop dialogues, instead of through NPC chats as before
  • Distance auto-attacks and abilities will now do about 16% higher damage than before
  • Added a basic banishment system
  • All applicants have been granted beta access
  • Embargo on sharing content of the beta removed
  • Reduced loot rate of all high-level items for Nysandra, but added a couple of new items too.
  • Adjusted Nysandra behaviour, making her considerably meaner.
  • Various map bug fixes.
  • Updated map to include Korlayra and Mirai.
  • Adjusted the role of armor in defence formulas, as described here.
  • Fixed various map bugs.
  • Adjusted skeleton warrior loot and attacking behaviour.
  • Added temporary teleport in Yethil bank to rescue some unexpected visitors.
  • Fixed bug causing corpses of some creatures to disappear.
  • Adjusted price of bucklers (explained here)
  • Fixed various NPC dialogue typos.
  • Fixed a bugged sign in Aylestone.
  • Fixed various items without names.
  • Fixed various map bugs.
  • Fixed item sell type of various items, allowing them to be sold to more appropriate NPCs.
  • Fixed bug which caused infinite ability cooldown
  • Fixed various map bugs.
  • Fixed various 'unnamed objects'.
  • Fixed typo in book at Firlow goblins.
  • Updated map to include Firlow and Aylestone.
  • Adjusted HP regained through use of healing spells.
  • Added elosia health potions with craftable recipe.
  • Fixed 3 NPC conversation bugs.
  • Fixed HP regeneration in combat bug.
  • Fixed numerous map bugs.
  • Fixed graphic rendering bug of clock.
  • Fixed missing mist tile in Forina.
  • Fixed various map bugs.
  • Minor map update in Schrachlor's lair.
  • Minor adjustments zombie loot.
  • Fixed bug preventing players from picking up certain new items.
  • Updated loot for: Trow, Zombie, Goblin, Maned Trow, Skeleton, Orc Brute, Soil Golem, Orc Bowman, Outlaw Thief, Skeleton Archer, Outlaw Bandit, Warg, Orc Hunter, Outlaw Hunter, Pisaura, Orc Legionnaire, Predator, Cave Troll, Archenaid, Hill Giant.
  • Map expanded to include Tirapeth.
  • Fixed bug preventing server from restarting after a crash.
  • Fixed various map bugs.
  • No longer possible to interact with objects from a distance using 'use with' items.
  • Deflect ability now increases the chance of blocking hits for the next few second.
  • Modified damage and dodge/blocking formulas to increase vulnerability of apprentices and page archers.
  • Added support to limit casting range for some spells.
  • New abilities: virulence, curse, moderate heal, heal other, antidote, power strike, precision, deflect (fixed).
  • Fixed rounding of experience so that you shouldn't so often see '1 exp' when being high level and killing low level monsters.
  • Attack speed is now shown when examining a distance weapon.
  • Don't send 'lost target' messages when you don't have a target (this was already fixed in the client so the server fix may not be visible to players).
  • Info text when using a combat feat without wielding the proper weapon.
  • Respawn with full mana when you die.
  • Modified several creature stats to make them harder.
  • Weapon attack speed now works.
  • Added a delay when changing weapons, equal to the attack speed of the newly equipped weapon.
  • Modified creature level experience reduction modifier (the amount by which the experience you gain decreases when killing weaker creatures).
  • Fixed fury spell.
  • Added support for MP drain when a certain spell is active (e.g. as used by fury ability).
  • Corrected alignment of healing spells.
  • Updating light spell with new graphic.
  • Bug causing server crashes due to large stacks of items on the same tile fixed.
  • Various bugs fixed, including several server-crashing bugs related to deaths from poison, logging out whilst sitting, deaths in a party, et al.
  • Mana regeneration rate increase x2.
  • Skill learning formulas updated
  • Map expanded to include Brookton and Hilafo.
  • Neutral creatures now become hostile if attacked.
  • Distance-fighting creatures switch to melee when target is close.
  • Region, chest and warning message font updated.
  • Shop prices for ammunition updated.
  • Many bugs fixed. If you do notice that any bugs have been labelled as "[FIXED]" and are still a problem, then please make a new thread to let us know, describing exactly how you were able to reproduce the bug.
  • New console commands added, type "help" in console to see the full list.
  • All accounts reset.
  • PvP temporarily enabled for testing.
  • Prices of ammunition and potions temporarily lowered.
  • Bug preventing levelling of nature/destruction skills fixed.
  • Experience gained from killing a creature is modified according to player level.
  • Throwing weapons (pebble, javelin, throwing knife) may now be used. However some weird things still happen when placing these items in a quiver with a sling equipped.
  • Creatures may now dodge melee attacks.
  • Two-handed weapons now can only be equipped if the other hand is empty
  • Changed line-of-sight calculations to be more permissive in some cases (e.g. when standing at the edge of a corner)
  • Monsters can now walk over heighted items like crates
  • Barrels and potted flowers can no longer be moved
  • Adjusted all skill learning formulas
  • Aggressive spells/feats will only advance a skill if damage is inflicted on a target
  • Healing spells will only advance protection if HP is healed
  • Fixed physical spells to advance skills according to the weapon used
  • Shops now show '9999' even when they have more in stock (temporary)
  • Fixed bug where logging in with a backpack that has more than 250 item slots caused a server crash. Additional items will be lost
  • Fixed cyclic teleporter in front of Jerdrus' house, which sometimes caused server hangs and restarts when you logged in on it
  • Monsters are now aware of holes and teleports and shouldn't try running into them anymore
  • Testing how monsters could switch targets and needs evaluation/testing
    • 40% chance every 2 seconds, can vary a bit with AI delays
    • Targets are currently prioritized by distance
  • Server will kill itself if the game logic does not respond for 2 minutes. This should allow diagnosing server hangs better and help when nobody is there to restart manually
  • Disabled targeting of NPCs and other players to prevent skill training more effectively
  • Fixed a server crash when revoking a party invitation (most likely triggered by the invited player logging out)
  • Fixed a server crash when looking at a logged-out or dead player (no idea how that can happen in the first place)
Legacy client changes
  • There is now an option to highlight the current target(s) more clearly with a circle (Settings > Controls > Gameplay > Show targeting circle)
  • Smart-casting bug fix
  • Stacking/container bug fix
Spoiler: Click to show
  • Fixed bug relating to rendering of alpha-transparency
  • Auto-casting of aimed abilities (option in settings). When this is enabled you just need to hover your mouse over the target and press the hotkey.
  • Client now remembers which global chat windows (World, Trade, Help) you had open and reopens them
  • Friends list now alphabetically reorders list when a new friend is added
  • Friends list now allows you to hide offline friends
  • Friends list now allows you to open conversations by left-clicking an online friend
  • When increasing Wisdom the notification message now correctly states this
  • Increased size of spell list
  • Spell description popups now auto-resize correctly
  • Fixed client kicks caused by too much data being sent between server and client
  • Fixed client crashing bug caused by the client not being able to handle the size of packets sent by server in certain locations.
  • Fixed rendering bug affecting some water borders.
  • Added pulsating effect for active abilities (e.g. as used by fury ability).
  • Added notification "You ran out of mana." when mana has been fully drained by using a duration spell.
  • Added artwork to underlay brewing window.
  • Added 'fading layer' feature to smooth transitions between layers. You can turn this feature on/off in settings.
  • Added 'dynamic layers' feature, so that tiles of the layer above are only excluded if they or another adjacent tile would otherwise cover the character.
  • Added 'elastic camera' feature.
  • Fixed bug which caused client crash some players were experiencing when looking at signs [as seen here]
  • Fixed distance weapon offset [as seen here]
  • Added the option to show item information in info channel
  • Added % experience to next level bar to the left of the HP/MP bars
  • Added "Ctrl-B" as hotkey to hide spellbar
  • Roe and Warthog sprites updated.
Pre-beta feature changelog
[Includes server/client updates up until beta start on 12th October 2013]
Spoiler: Click to show
  • Added client-server encryption.
  • Modified damage formulas.
  • Modified dodge/miss formulas.
  • Added feat formulas.
  • Added death penalty placeholder.
  • Added NPCs facing player they're talking to.
  • Added NPC conversation timeout.
  • Added NPC conversation leave messages.
  • Fixed error in dodge formula.
  • Fixed error in magic damage formula.
  • Fixed error in distance formula.
  • Leader of the party will now be marked with "*" in the party window.
  • Modified HP/MP regeneration.
  • Added key/keyhole id system to lock/unlock certain doors.
  • Added map quest triggers.
  • Modified damage formulas.
  • Modified all creature damage outputs.
  • Modified skill learning formulas.
  • Added spell formulas.
  • Added map quest reset trigger.
  • Added books to Timari.
  • Modified help window texts.
  • Added area entrance announcements.
  • Added pushable non-pick-upable items.
  • Added warning when player does not have enough mana to cast spell.
  • Restructured attribute window slightly to include buttons.
  • Added automatic closing of trade/bank/crafting windows when moving x sqm away.
  • Added automatic stand-up when player is attacked sitting-down.
  • Modified lighting (more orange, more blue, less white, less yellow).
  • Added ability of light sources to cast light around character if held.
  • Improved AI so that creatures move around when attacking a stationary player and flee more intelligently.
  • Added support for pixelated view.
  • Added support for books inside containers.
  • Added names for all environment graphics.
  • Added increase attributes window on level-up.
  • Added experience bar to character information window.
  • Added Ctrl-C to open character information window.
  • Added Ctrl-H to open Help.
  • Added status effects and icons (poison, fear, in-battle, etc.).
  • Added ability to examine status effects using Shift-LMB.
  • Added examine option on hotkeyed spells/feats and active status effects.
  • Added link to help chat channel on first page of help text.
  • Added outfit switching on promotion.
  • Added ability to select different layers on mouse-over.
  • Added item, NPC and creature descriptions.
  • Added ability to examine other characters to see class/level.
  • Added gathering of items from environment.
  • Added ability to examine spells in hotbar using Shift-LMB.
  • Added spell cooldowns.
  • Added caps lock warning on login info.
  • Added Ctrl-M to switch between chat modes.
  • Restructured UI for usability (HP/MP bars moved below game window, hotkey bar centred, latency meter moved to top-left, hand slots incorporated into rest of EQ).
  • Added follow.
  • Added ability to examine items and read signs.
  • Added basic party experience split.
  • Added customisation options for controls and hotkeys.
  • Modified creature/player targeting to display as an outline.
  • Added outline to items on mouse-over.
  • Added death.
  • Added help and trade channels, with introductory texts.
  • Added basic crafting system (more recipes still a work in progress).
  • Added automatic client patcher.
  • Added help texts.
  • Added private messaging.
  • Improved weather effects.
  • Added click-to-move.
  • Added support for adding items to containers in map editor.
  • Added hold-RMB to move in direction of cursor.
  • Added banking.
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Should be Oct 23.

Also for your last point. This can happen if you attempt to look at a player while he/she logs out. Your "look at" packet and his/her "logout" packet could be sent at the same time, but the "logout" packet is processed first on the server. Then you would be looking at a logged out player... not sure what goes on in the server but my guess is that you remove the player id upon logout and then get a nullpoint reference when the "look at" packet is processed.
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October 23, 2013, 09:37:34 PM

Great, finally! :axe: I always like reading what is going on in the patches, so thanks. :)

If you have some bigger patches somewhen you could think about categorizing the updates, for example "Items", "Creatures", "Map", "NPCs" etc. For easier reading. You can also considering colour coding. But right now it's all fine. :like:
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October 24, 2013, 07:11:22 AM

Thank you for this info, please make this a regular thing! You should make a subforum and sticky all of the changelogs in chronological order. That way it's easy to find out what's changed lately, and it's organized for everyone to read.
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October 24, 2013, 04:20:10 PM

Thank you, Till! :king:
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knight legend
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October 25, 2013, 01:23:22 PM

thanks for the patch notes
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October 26, 2013, 12:56:16 AM

:like: patch notes
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October 29, 2013, 07:36:15 PM

Till wrote:And yes, we are working on better ways of displaying this.
If you guys need some changelog web-based application, just tell me. :wink:
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October 29, 2013, 09:47:10 PM

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October 31, 2013, 05:10:04 PM

Roes sprites were a lot better than new for me.
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November 07, 2013, 07:46:53 PM

Fixed physical spells to advance skills according to the weapon used
Does this mean if we use a weapon with higher attack value that we will advance the corresponding skill quicker?
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November 08, 2013, 04:54:19 AM

2013-11-04; oh yea, baby! Keep goin :yes: (The response has came through code changing.)
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November 08, 2013, 03:19:01 PM

b01dface wrote:
Fixed physical spells to advance skills according to the weapon used
Does this mean if we use a weapon with higher attack value that we will advance the corresponding skill quicker?
No, it simply means that casting a physical spell (e.g. swift strike) when using a sword will increase your sword skill, but when using a hammer it will increase your hammer skill, etc.
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November 08, 2013, 05:47:22 PM

good job on the Nov 4 patch it made the game a little more generic
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November 08, 2013, 05:53:46 PM

knight legend wrote:good job on the Nov 4 patch it made the game a little more generic
I must refer you to point 4 of our beta testing rules:
4. Be constructive
In order to minimise the time it takes to discuss and fix things, and maximise the time we have left for adding new content, please keep your feedback as constructive and detailed as possible.
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