If CIPSOFT won't take it...

Got a great idea or a proposal for us? Post it here and discuss it with others!
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December 02, 2008, 06:47:55 PM

Even as a non-Tibia player, I occasionally browse the forums and the website for the latest update information as it normally signals a hectic change in the OT community.

Tonight, (I should say this morning, 2:39AM sheesh!) I was browsing and came across a lot of proposals for new islands and areas in Tibia. Now, because these are suggested by members, almost no 100% fan created ideas, just the petitions on small modifications, go through. So I thought to myself, "Why not take advantage of these creative members?".

What I'm suggesting is, in a nutshell, we offer the members there (privately) a chance to make their ideas become a reality, in our game.

Obviously not the best example, but has good core structure that can be built on:
http://forum.tibia.com/forum/?action=th ... id=2212196
http://forum.tibia.com/forum/?action=th ... id=2193017

I suggest we scout out potential ideas, msg the members for permission to incorporate those ideas into our game. Either entirely, or in part.

I'm sure very few of these members will decline + as an added bonus they will more than likely invite their friends to view some of the areas and monsters they designed meaning a larger player base for us. Perhaps some members could also be offered staff positions here if they meet the criterion and we are lacking in ideas ourselves (later on when ideas start to wear thin).

I'm fully aware this will be a highly controversial suggestion, I'm not even in full support of it myself but I just thought I'd get it out there.
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December 02, 2008, 07:39:06 PM

Very controversial as that would mean we more or less publicly lure Tibia's players away and even steal the ideas they proposed. Myth Entertainment however doesn't want to fight an open battle with CipSoft. Far from it!
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December 02, 2008, 07:44:53 PM

Let me get this straight right to say that you come here in the forum of Phobos talking about the game Tibia and then asks us to post our ideas or a company where 100% of the ideas posted in the forums of them, simply do not consider finding that the the proposals are difficult to put players in the game?

My buddy, Tibia has ceased to be the RPG many years ago, today all that is on the story of tibia is cut because they simply have to be everything you Premiun Time. Once kills the stories in this direction, something I particularly hate that.

Let me give an example of what mentioned above, what does a magician as powerful as he Ferumbras be confined in a tower where he could be dominating the continent Tibia? Since he has already put their feet in the city of Tibia, and why not do it again ?????

It starts because the people do not give ideas to the Tibia.

Without counting the presence of bots, tibia does not lend more today, I am amazed how the bots in the tibia, they pay programmers signed with portfolio and earn income while unable to stop or at least a DDoS attack.

I agree that the need to earn money and Cip is a business and pay employees, etc., I think more ridiculous the way they use the update every time that happens to an exploratory way.

Let me give another example of a game, how much of the Cip is ridiculous with its updates and still is appealing a farm to earn money without at least taking lags of the servers, someone here already played battleon? the site is http://www.battleon.com, the game is done in Flash, most of them already injured the graphics? Sounds like a child of 7 years that designed, today he is more successful than it already ta tibia in the ae road for more than 10 years in the house.

In my view matter ends here, I prefer to give ideas to the game Phobos ideas of what provide the Tibia, and for a lot of bots think that my ideas are useless or ridiculous.

At least here they hear the players and try to improve the ideas if they are unable to do.
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December 03, 2008, 04:59:47 AM

Like I said, I'm definitely NOT in full support of the idea.

It was merely a suggestion that there are many non-realised, ideas, talents and people out there and that if ideas become a little dry, there are other places we can look.

@Phineas: It wouldn't be stealing ideas as we would ask for the intellectual property rights for them, hence they would be our ideas, not theres once its agreed WITH the member. I understand your other points though and they are exactly the same things why I DON'T think this idea would work.
Let me get this straight right to say that you come here in the forum of Phobos talking about the game Tibia and then asks us to post our ideas or a company where 100% of the ideas posted in the forums of them
@anao_batedor: Please do not think that I am not 100% dedicated to this game. Infact, I have never played Tibia past level 12 because of the lack of storyline, uniqueness etc. Also, I have no idea about what you mean when you say 100% of 'my' ideas are taken from the Tibia forums.

Below are my ONLY two proposals (besides this one) made so far:

Both of them are ideas that almost any other fantasy MMORPG in world have done or used. Allusions are in books, movies, games, TV etc. Simply because they appear in Tibia, certainly doesn't mean that putting a few of OUR OWN allusions in Phobos would make it any closer to Tibia. In fact, it would have quite the opposite effect showing our uniqueness and creativity in coming up with hidden references to other things.

Insourcing creatures from mythology is HARDLY a new idea as almost every fantasy book, game or movie has used a multitude of creatures that simply were not made up by the developers. They may have been tweaked to appear as unique or fit in with the storyline or what not, but 80%+ of fantasy races and beings are sourced from none other than history's pages.

Correct me if I'm wrong, but Phobos already has Giants, Orcs, Goblins, Skeletons, Zombies and Trows doesn't it?

Where do you think these creatures all came from? Other games, movies and books? Sure, but before then, they were written in history's pages.

Just because you haven't heard of something before, doesn't mean prior to then it never existed: http://www.orkneyjar.com/folklore/trows/
http://www.orkney.gov.uk/media/heritage ... ervant.jpg

Yes, Trows were in-sourced too. This is exactly what I meant. The trow (according to that page) could pass off as a human.
Yet in Phobos, we have customised it to suit our needs and wants. This is exactly what my idea suggests.

Hope I made my point. A moderator can now close this thread if they like. I think that some of the members here can't tell the difference between a 'thought' and an actual suggestion.
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