IMPORTANT - How to make a proposal

Got a great idea or a proposal for us? Post it here and discuss it with others!
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April 05, 2009, 10:51:49 AM

Apart from the Forum Rules the following specifc rules apply to this board.
  • Titles
    The title of your thread should always reflect its content in order to avoid confusion and to be able to get a quick gist of the matter.

    Title Tags
    In order to assign your proposal to a category use tags in your thread's title. The tags should consist of a so-called collective noun assigning your proposal to a certain category.
    • For example:
      "[Client] Better Usability"
      "[Mobs] New Monsters"
      "[PvP] Balancing classes"
    The Proposal List
    The Proposal List can be found here. It is a collection of all proposals that have been made so far. We ask you to read this list before submitting your proposal to make sure the same thing has not been proposed before.
    If your proposal has already been made by someone else please refrain from starting a new thread and add your ideas to the already existing thread instead. This also increases the chance that your idea will be noticed by the community and by the staff.

    If you don't want to read through the whole thread everytime you come up with a new idea you can use your browser's search function (Ctrl + F with Firefox and Internet Explorer) and search the thread for keywords, e.g. search for "monster", "creature" and "Xyz" when you want to check whether someone already suggested to have monster "Xyz" in the game.