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I'd like to propose the following idea: Elite Levels.
As we all know, levels, most of the time, determine our attack power and experience. We can come to the conclusion that Normal Levels would be from 1 to 50, whilst Elite Levels would be from 50 to 60. These levels, would give you the opportunity to set 1 point to whichever attribute you want just like Normal Levels, but the Elite Levels would have something special; when you increase your Elite Level, for example; from 50 to 51, you will be given the opportunity to pick on which skill you want a 25% increase, for example, if you had Sword 50 75%, then after spending a point on Sword you would have Sword 51 0%; Axe 67 92% => Axe 68 %17 (this can be balanced differently but this is just an example of how the increase can work, it doesn't have to be 25%, just a reasonable increase).
physical skills: swords, daggers, hammers, polearms (including axes), defence, archery, throwing, firearms.

magical skills: nature, destruction, protection, support.
Now, elite levels wouldn't just have the experience requirements you would meet as if they were normal levels, let's think about it now:

(Level 49 - 5,000,000 EXP total)
(Level 50 - 5,250,000 EXP total)
(Elite Level 51 - 8,500,000 EXP total)
(Elite Level 52 - 14,750,000 EXP total)

This is just an idea, it doesn't have to be too dramatic an experience requirement but, something that requires effort and time, and most importantly, patience. Who wouldn't kill to have more power?

This would add some taste to the last levels to be achieved in the world of Erasan. And besides, if we're gonna have a level cap, might as well make it hard to be maximum level; cause that's what it is, the maximum capacity - the ultimate power. You wouldn't like to just sprint through 60 levels, that's no fun.

Also, elite players could have their very own golden aura / silver aura to distinguish them from regular players, that is to show the world who these masters of Erasan are.

Thank you for reading,
- Mephisto
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