Ideas for a closer balancing regarding Knights and Rogues

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February 07, 2018, 06:54:24 PM

Dear Staffs,

Let me begin by hoping you are having a great week. I would like to offer some options concerning the known issue with vocation balancing. I understand there are bigger priorities, and you all might be fully aware of Rogues being a weaker version of Knights, so on this behalf I propose the following:

Knights: Skills ratio on Dagger should be reduced to 1.18 same as Rogues or increase Dagger Skills ratio to 1.15 on Rogues so it is same as Knights. As is it usually most used by Rogues, on which the unbalancing in power starts.

Deflect should be a spell only usable by Knights, so that would be the difference from Rogues.

Rogues: Same as stated above concerning to Skills ratio. Change Fury spell so it is only usable by Rogues but without the defense Reduction ( Which makes it useless ).

Any of those small changes gradually makes the difference between Knights and Rogues.

I hope this ideas are useful, I'm quite sure similar ideas were already stated. But maybe this ones might be interesting.


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February 07, 2018, 09:45:30 PM

rougues should equip two daggers and give double attacks ;D
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