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November 10, 2018, 01:54:21 AM

Hey guys !!!

some time I've been seeing a lot of people players who say they lack some things to improve the game.

I'm new to the game because I play a maximum of 5 months.

I am the Atriox or Odyon player and my discord name is Gym.

I believe in my point of view that for a legal improvement in the game.

the following points are missing.

1st market a place to put the boss items to sell or buy from someone while you are offiline for your offer to stay there for a certain time.

2nd place and the release of houses for premium players only.
with that if you finish your premium you would lose your house.

I know it's half a paytowin more with this we will help even more the game to continue online.

3rd point and the release of the boat for trips to the cities and new islands that are created.

4th point and the creation of new areas of hutings.

the release of existing respawns as dragons and other monsters that only have when released for older players to make hutings to sell items in the market thus improving the game economy.

and also the total readjustment of prices on items.
because it has items that are very rare to fall and when it falls and 5k in npc.
not to mention that you have to stay 10 hours in a huting to make 50k of cash.
and even then you do not even pay the potions you've spent.

as an example an island of monsters of plants and of desert and vulcanicas each with their respective monsters of its elements.
and the placement of stronger monsters as demons and even demons demonstrate.
just an assumption galera for missing some good monsters to hunt without being bosses but who are as strong as a boss for the hutings in groups.

5th point and the creation of dayles tasks as much to kill some monsters as the dayles of intregar certain items for certain npcs.

6th point has new monsters with new items new sets for all classes.

7th point total readjustment of the forum have an area for Brazilians and other languages
because I myself am horivel in English and I must always be with translator open.

8th point have the record of accounts released directly on the official website of phobos because that you expect days to be able to enter the game discourages the new players and with this ends up running out of players to play and play.

9th point have in the main city a simple quest to do to choose a weapon a little better than the initiates.
because I remember that when I started it took me 1 day or more to get something better to kill other monsters.

10th point and most important readjustment of the forum.
because of the many things la much old of 2013 or 2011.
with this I have already seen several comments from google about whether it is worth it or not playing phobos.

I say yes it is worth it and a wonderful game despite some questions that should be improved well that my personal point of view that they are legal in the comments if you have something that I forgot about comment there thank you.

I'm a Gym.
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November 10, 2018, 11:28:58 PM

I put some things that I noticed that I'm missing, I'm new here. Soon I saw that if I had it, everything I said would greatly improve one of the improvements I saw that could have been faster in terms of new players and the return of the old ones and the Depot , market, boat and improve the prices of items in npcs I try this already would help a lot in the disclosure of the game.
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