Andre's Diary - 11th October 2010

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Agent Green
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October 13, 2010, 02:14:01 PM

So it's not a spell or in game :dislike: (I take that back xD )

It is some nice animation but the green just puts me off. Looks like a tree is magically growing round some green spiral. I think it would look better if the middle was made out of wood.
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October 13, 2010, 03:50:37 PM

It's ingame, but it's not a spell...
Encyclopedia of Herbology‎ wrote:The Withelroot is a magical plant which is considered unusual for a variety of reasons. The most significant being this plant's minimal requirement for sunlight as a source of energy for growth.

Instead of sunlight, Withelroot plants use magical energy stored in the seed pod to fuel the initial and very rapid growth of what appears to be a short, pointed, spiralling trunk. The few leaves which top the growing trunk are the last signs of this plant's requirement for sunlight, and play only a small part in growth. As for the source of energy used by Withelroots to grow, this appears to be sapped from other nearby plants, via the extensive roots of a mature Withelroot plant. As a result, Withelroot plants are notoriously picky regarding where they will flower, as the conditions have to be perfect to allow it. If the conditions are not suitable, the Withelroot will disintegrate and wither back into the ground, almost as quickly as it grew.

When Withelroots do flower, the brightly coloured, pod-shaped flowers which contain the mature seeds last less than a few hours. Seed dispersal relies of the explosive release of seeds from the top of the stem, out into the surrounding area. As the seeds land, they sprout immediately. So if you are ever lucky enough to come across any intact Withelroot seeds, hold on to them tight!
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October 13, 2010, 05:07:09 PM

is nice effect
who's know i see in game one day :like:
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