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Got a great idea or a proposal for us? Post it here and discuss it with others!
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November 11, 2008, 10:46:36 PM

Last update: June 22nd 2015

This list features almost all proposals that have been posted so far in The Counter.
I will update this thread as soon as another promising suggestion is made and as long as it meets the following criteria the threads listed here met, too.
  • Proposals that have already been implemented will not be added here
  • This thread only includes proposals that have been posted in The Counter
  • I will only include proposals with at least 4 replies. However I will make exceptions here if I personally think the thread deserves more attention.
  • Threads whose proposals have been rejected clearly by the staff or the threadstarter will not be listed here.
  • Threads concerning issues of testservers or any other bugs, etc will not be listed here either.

This thread's main purpose is to give the players an orientation to see what already has been proposed thus avoiding several threads on one topic.
Furthermore it give us an overall view on what the community wants.

To ease navigation through the growing list of proposals they are organized in the following categories:
  1. Game Content (Items, scenery, monsters, quests, etc...)
  2. Game Features (Skills, housing, guilds, maps, etc...)
  3. Client Features
  4. Forum & Website
  5. Organisation, Staff & Security
  6. Proposal Accumulation Threads
  7. Miscellaneous
  8. <spaceholder>
  9. Implemented

I hope you like this thread and find it useful. If you got some feedback or complaints feel free to send me a Image.

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[color=#FF4000]Similar Threads:[/color] [url=][/url]
Ignore this, just using it as template for further additions to this thread.
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November 11, 2008, 10:47:03 PM

Game Content

Proposal to introduce rings with unlimited "charges". Rings with unlimited charges should be extremely rare, all the others just merely enchanted. Others not-so-rare ones with unlimited charges could have a weak benefit like slightly reducing mana costs for spells.

Horse Riding
Proposal to add horses ingame, speeding up your movement. Those could be tied to a tree, purchasable at a NPC or stored in a stable. Too advantageous as it would be a constant boost, horses shouldn't be able to go up stairs or fall down holes.
Similar Threads: Mounts - Riding Animals - Rare mounts with special abilities

Environment Interaction
Basically just leaving footprints in the sand/muddy ground, smashable/cuttable rocks/bushes to clear paths and any other interaction with the environment. Some things very hard to do, others may be considered though.

Environmental Transitions
Demand for a greater variety of environmental details, more typical characteristics and fitting "inhabitants" ;) ---

Monsters: Eyeball and Demi
Two suggested monsters. Redshrike sprited them for fun.
Similar Threads: Trolls & more Orcs - More Monsters

Some Spell Ideas
Several spells Larzen wants to see in the game such as "Wildshape" (morph into a creatures body) or "Stoneskin" (less speed, less damage taken from magic and meelee). ---

Find Person Spell [Poll]
Some ideas concerning the localization of players with the help of a spell. Should be no exact positioning system but give you a rough idea on where the searched objective is to be found.

Exotic Animals
Some exotic animals that people want to have ingame. ---

"The Ultimate Spriting Request"
Originally made up as challenge (or a way to get sprites for the author's OTserver) this thread offers a lot of good ideas for monsters. ---
Topic Locked!

Scenery Suggestions
A thread to collect all ideas about new themes and environmental scenery. ---

Water or Drinks
Water/Drinks as alternative to food, easier accessible, less effective? ---

Dried Food
Agent Green came up with the idea to be able to dry food one day long to make it lighter without decreasing the effectiveness. ---

Unique Items
Some good ideas concerning unique items and the context in which they should "come to existence". Add different versions of each weapon with different values (attributed randomly from a given range) that have different chances of dropping. Unique items are definitely going to exist.
Similar Threads: Weapon variety, procs

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November 11, 2008, 10:47:29 PM

Game Features

Player titles
Give players titles for certain ingame achievements that they can bear attached to their name. Possibly apply buffs for bearing a certain title. Titles should be unique and linked to a ranking system. Generally favoured proposal.

Daily Quests
Optional tasks that give a small reward and can be done anytime you're bored.. We hope you just won't get bored, so this has no priority. Especially as we would want to make these tasks as little repetitive as possible, which requires a lot of thought.
Similar Threads: Quests doable more than once

Elite levels
Add a great difficulty jump when reaching level 50, where from then on levels would take much more experience and time. In return allow for more attribute points to be distributed per level and add skill points to distribute (adding a certain % to the progress of a chosen skill). ---

Elite Monsters
Add the possibility for elite versions of monsters to appear in larger groups of certain monster types. Those could stand out by a color variant and/or certain magic immunities. ---

Merchant Guilds
Join a merchant guild to rise in ranks and receive special benefits such as an always-accompanying mule and other perks making it easier to move loot from the hunt to safety. Set priorities on your hunt. There is a weight and inventory limit for a reason. Not favoured.

Level above 50
Allow players to level up beyond level 50, using a different metric (such as prestige levels or starting over from level 1 without losing stats). Level 50 will be the definite cap. We might choose to raise the cap occasionally with content updates.

The proposal especially focus' on the aspect of having floors/layers in between the current ones, thus giving the game more depth. Could work the same way walking on parcels or boxes work where the character walks more or less in between the floors.
Similar Threads: 3rd Dimension Viability & Sprite Properties

Family & Name System
Complex system giving players the possibility to add sur-, first- and middlename to your nickname. This comes along with marrying and accepting the surname of the respective partner and adopting children. Seems fine but may be too complicated for the average player and just for hardcore roleplayers.
Topic Locked!

Critical Hits/Damage & Special EQ
Adding more surprises to fights with critical hits and enchanted equipment giving improving certain attributes. ---
Topic Locked!

Mini map
Map scrolls instead of a minimap. The staff has come to a decision which will be revealed at release.
Topic Locked!
Similar Threads: No minimap

Reputation System!
People being able to gain reputation/fame through solving quests or through receiving it from other players. Bad idea to have players give repuation. Proposed quite often.
Topic Locked!

Containers: Auto-Arrange
Be able to put things to any slot of your container no matter if there are empty slots before it or not. ---

Death Penalty about experience only
Another way of calculating the exp loss when dying. ---
Similar Threads: More loss when dying - Death Penalty harsh enough to keep "noobs" away - Different penalties for player killers

Discussion on how fishing could be made more diversive and attractive to players. ---

Trade System
Several ideas concerning trade, including a trade channel, a market place and self-kept shops, whereas a combination of the last two would be nice. ---
Similar Threads: Trade time - Making selling things easier

Guards protecting the city, spawning and reacting differently on monsters, depending on their strength. Already planned.
Topic Locked!

Map Proposal
Proposing to have players being able to edit maps or create some themselves, although that may lead to scamming but it would be original at least. Cartography has already been proposed, people might be able to edit maps at least a bit in the future.
Topic Locked!
Similar Threads: Playermade Maps - Let's go treasure hunting

Mail System
Enhanced mail system with delivery delay and weight-restrictions. ---
Topic Locked!

Moving Boats
Instead of a simple teleport when travelling somewhere by boat you should be able to actually experience the cruise and have timetables for ships. A lot of discussion here.
Similar Threads: Boats and Ships with a route

Player Cities
Proposal to have cities with players assuming most of the NPC's offices to add some more RP-feeling to the game, such as bargaining with the shopkeeper and flirting with the bartender. ---

Diseases and Drugs
Add drugs and temporary but deadly diseases transmittable through monsters like vampires, werewolves or zombies to the game. Drugs could give you a temporary boost for a certain skill or cause a death of an overdose. Drugs are inappropriate for minors. Diseases, probably not.
Similar Threads: Diseases and curses

Small proposal (whispering NPCs)
Demand for private chats with NPCs or at least whispering NPCs to preserve secret quest information from being heard by unauthorized persons. Whispering shouldn't be that much of a problem :D

Little Shop Enhancement
Idea to have NPCs not buy anything worth 0 bronze coins which gradually developed in a discussion on how to keep the cities clean :p Maybe that NPC was hungry when he bought that tomatoe :o

Chad's Shooting Range Practice
At Chad' Shooting Range players should have the possibility to test their distance skill on targets without any skill-advance though. Something similar has already been discussed.

Set Bonus
Certain bonus when wearing a full set like +defense or +magic resistance? Full sets should have temporary benefits that have to be activated.

Weather Analysis
A small disquisition and discussion on weather and its effects on gameplay and on how it should work exactly. Weather isn't developed completely yet.

The Outfit Store
Buy outfits in stores or change their colour for a small fee. Change your outfit in public or private wardrobes. But... take long walks for it? ---

Traps in the game and other things!
Main focus of the proposal was put on the idea of introducing traps to the game, pits with spikes, walls with holes shooting poisoned arrows, etc. Furthermore anao_batedor asks for more detailed descriptions when looking at things and the possibility of sleeping to recover from exhausting adventures. ---

Environment vs. Environment
What about monsters fighting monsters from time to time? A wolf preferring the easier prey of a rabbit although a player is around, elves planning raids against Orc Camps. A bit problematic but possible.

Tobacco Pipes!
Ah, you are tired and want to smoke a cigarette, or are you just lazy, hanging around town and want to look old and wise with your brand-new pipe? Well, Pigmaster wants to make it possible that not only you have the pleasure to smoke but also others! *cough* Yay!

Class Levels / Promoting Proposal
Mitha thought of a new way of how classes could develop, learn new spells and eventually graduate to a better, a promoted class. Solving quests for the class-guild or other jobs to gain so-called class-exp eventually improving your class-level. Reaching clv. 10 will make you rise up in the hierarchy of your guild. As addition to that players could have the possibility to choose between several missions. Their choice would influence the development of the class. ---

Bank System with Interest Rates
People could be able to put money in a bank. Interests would increase the amount of money and make the person richer over time. Would mess up the economy and increase the prizes for items. Makes it harder for newcomers, too.

Weather & Time Sensitive Mobs
Some monsters should be affected by weather and time, such as Vampires that should only spawn at night and if, by any chance they get outside by daytime they are hurt by the daylight. Hopy states that this proposal would bring more variation into the world of Phobos. ---

Pet System
Agent Green asks whether a pet system is planned for Phobos. A discussion about its feasibility and functioning ensues. Could cause problems with class balance and player movement in PvP. Open for suggestions though.

Stats Reset
To prevent your first character from becoming a badly built character, there's this proposal to allow for a stat reset. The respective discussion revolves around fees to pay for a reset, whether a reset really should be possible, whether resets should be allowed after balance updates, etc Feel free to discuss. We don't have settled on anything yet.

More ideas on how crafting should work. Go on :moustache:

Capture the Flag / Arena-like Events
Proposing a battleground-esque system with Player versus Player combat in teams. Could also work as a global event, not bound to a special location. ---

Souvenirs from PvP
The title speaks for itself. Let's kill some people to widen our array of mugs made out of human skulls. Or maybe you need a new necklace with a fashionable human tooth hanging from it?
Discussion revolves around what items should drop and what determines which item drops. Certainly fun.

Party Perks
Special buffs awarded to hunting parties / team hunts in certain class combinations. Some interesting ideas here.
Similar Threads: Make team hunts without good class mixture worthwhile anyway

Player Killing System
Proposal to have less "killing penalty" if you kill someone who was a "serial player killer" himself. Discussion quickly turned into a discssion regarding a general open PvP system. We thought of a bounty system. Let's see what comes out of this.
Similar Threads: Don't punish player killing (directly), bounty system

Inscribing Items
Allow players to "sign" their items with a short inscription. Will be weak to abuse, but it's something we may think about.

Economy and crafting
Ways to stabilize the economy through crafting and player interaction. The idea to be able to break down items into crafting material is nice. The rest will have to be discussed.

NPCs reacting to different languages
Get more information, discounts and generally more friendly reactions when talking Orcish to Orcish NPCs, Dwarfish to Dwarfs, Elvish to Elves, etc. A lot of work but nice to have.

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November 11, 2008, 10:47:48 PM

Client Features

"Warrior List"
Proposals for an improved "friends-list", in this thread called "Warrior-List". ---
Similar Threads: Something like "VIP" - Groups in VIP - VIP List

Improved Character-List and Spell-Window
Demand for an extra window at the character list showing server status and char-attributes of the currently selected character. Also small spell-information popping up when holding mouse over one of the hotkeys. ---

Sound on Phobos
The old sound-discussion. Too much work.
Similar Threads: Sound? - Sound Proposal huh? - Music

Crossplatform please
Demand for Phobosclients runnable on Linux and MAC. Have to finish Windows-Version first. Phobos runs already on MAC and Linux WINE though.
Similar Threads: Phobos for MAC

Grizzly's demand for an easier way to open a private chat with other players. Zero, some more work for you :P

Enhanced Chat & Hotkey System
Some ideas on how to extend the left hotkey bar and how to improve the chat console. ---

Return to Character List
Basically just the demand to return to your character list at logout, without having to login again. Agreed.

Small Client Changes
Some suggestions concerning the client beginning screen and the chat console in particular. ---

Widescreen Support
Demand for widescreen support. Already suggested to Robbert internally, however not seen as a priority as of now (early alpha phase). Definitely planned though.

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November 11, 2008, 10:47:59 PM

Forum & Website

Ignore Function
Demand for ignore function for PMs in the forum and ingame. Approved but not yet implemented.

Java-based IRC/Shoutbox for the Forum
Idea to have a shoutbox or a java-based IRC-chat on the forum to pass the time when nobody posts anything new. No proper way of moderation. Barely useful.

Further Development of the Website
Some ideas concerning the website, typos etc. It is recommended to read the discussion, too. Being worked on...

Private Messages & Boats
Proposal to be able to send messages from the official website to players ingame. Also featuring a proposal on how to choose a destination when travelling by ship. ---

More languages on iPhobos
A lot of controversy between the staff members here. Phineas proposes to be able to point out more languages than just one in iPhobos, the game account managing system. We do not want to encourage people to speak other languages than English. <> But is it really encouraging?

Bug Forum
Fawenah demands for a subboard in the forum where players get the chance to report and discuss bugs more efficiently. ---

Forum Improvements
4 suggestions on how to improve the forum including a favicon, linked quotes and the handling of external links and images as soon as the game grows bigger. The responsibles have been informed.

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November 11, 2008, 10:48:09 PM

Organisation, Staff & Security

An anti-cheat system discussion. ---
Similar Threads: Block cheats by regular small updates

Idea to fight the Spammers
Discussion about how to successfully ban a player/computer from the game completely. Internal discussions going on.

Tutor System
Proposal on how to recruit tutors. Becoming a "tutor" will most likely work with helping players a lot and being noticed by Guardians.

Account Security
Phineas wants to know what Myth Ent is going to do to secure accounts against hackers and proposes to have a security question instead of a long recovery code. We are currently discussing this in our internal boards.
Topic Locked!
Similar Threads: Remember Account Name

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November 11, 2008, 10:48:31 PM

Proposal Accumulation Threads

Orochi's Ideas
Thread featuring ideas like more variety in choosing promotions, pets, weddings and weather. Weather has been implemented.
Topic Locked!

Worship Gods, mutations and death penalty to ghost
Thread featuring the following ideas: worship gods and fulfill their religion's beliefs to receive deity buffs, items etc. Radioactivity in Erasan may cause advantageous and disadvantageous mutations to the players. Upon dying the player turns into a ghost, has to walk back to the temple and fulfill tasks on the way. Mutations: unlikely. Ghost: maybe something similar. Religions: maybe.

A few ideas from Nate
Wallets, listen to the community, more individualism when choosing classes, 3D-client. No 3D.

Several Proposals
Proposal-List featuring an enhanced Party-System, intelligent summons and improved equipment slots. Some things have already been implemented.

Some Game Improving Ideas
Some briefly mentioned ideas, with the most interesting one being planting seeds. Most of them already been discussed / implemented.

Some Ideas
Accumulation of frankly mentioned ideas featuring a city in the skies and the traditional "death penalty discussion". ---

My Proposals
Includes proposals concerning the chat-console (tabs of "friend-chats" & "world-, trade-, consolechats... in different lines), fishing and the map system. Fishing suggestions already implemented, ...

Shiver's Ideas
Ideas concerning the transportation system, the appearance of creatures and a new theme. Some have already been discussed within the staff.

Some ideas of mine
Playerbuilt houses, several monsters, group spells and enhanced spells in "Hit-button-fast"-manner ---

"Sense Evil" Spell...and More!
Several proposals by Fuhbar including a spell announcing the approaching of an evil presence, a shapeshifter spell and different types of mana depending on the player's class (e.g. Stamina for Warriors). ---
Similar Threads: Death Penalty and more [Fuhba]

Ideas from Lehnhardt
All in all a big proposal to concentrate more on the MULTI-playing factor of the game by balancing the classes and make them work together. ---

Some ideas
Some small ideas by Zephyris, resuming the discussion about a "Find Person"-Spell and expressing his support for Myth Ent's decision to have no minimap. Most striking part of the proposal probably is the idea to give weapons certain additional malus like stunning the victim or making it bleed. We've been through this "Find Person"-Spell and Minimap discussion already. We will have maps, but no minimap.
Similar Threads: We need a minimap

Anti-Bot Proposal & More!
4 ideas by Mitha including the demand for having a good anti-bot system, proposals concerning the classes and a talent point system called Skill-Points here. Botting is impossible on Phobos [Quote: Larzen]

Some proposals :)
Again 4 ideas, this time by Sebito. The two suggestions that lead to most controversy were the Postman-System (or Pigeon-System?) and the Loan-System. The loan system is hard to realize as payback would be almost impossible to assure. Postman system needs some finetuning but sounds good. May be a bit slow.

Grizzly's turn to sum up his very own ideas for the game such as unqie environmental scenery and his ideas concerning creating a unqie character by class and beginner weapon. ---

Some ideas
Some ideas by thunder featuring a shop system working with the principles of supply and demand, again distributable skill points and scrolls to enchant weapons. ---

Great ideas!
Two and a half proposals by Vargo. The two "full" proposals demand for a 4-digit-PIN to secure depots and to be able to put a small shop selling the items you wish to sell. The security pin doesn't help against keyloggers unless the digits have to be clicked with the mouse.
Similar Threads: How to maybe prevent hacking

Hyd's Proposals
Some proposals to improve the chatconsole by a "Send"-Button and to show all attribute-variations for weapons in the shop. ---

Nimrodel's Brainstorm Topic
Large thread featuring amongst others Buffs, some new monsters, new themes, some ideas improving the atmosphere of the game and a proposal to have "realistic" light. The realistic light thingie is almost impossible and the themes will have to wait til the far future.

Thoughts on the game
Basically no real proposals but ideas on how to improve the already implemented features and the client. ---

Hegemon's Proposals
Again a proposal concerning the mail system and buffs. Armor classes and a reputation system was proposed, too. ---

Phineas' Accumulation of Ideas
Thread with links to most of the proposals Phineas ever made along with some more proposals within the thread such as a wartracker, improved skillbars and chatconsole, quotes linking to the original post and the demand for a currency-name. ---

So far three proposals by Agent Green, one demanding for a more detailed way of outfit customization, one improving and organizing the trade channel and the last one concerning the crafting skills. ---
Similar Threads: Outfit Variety

Three Proposals
Make it possible to record videos with the client; a walking skill that increases your movement speed independently of character level; allow attribute reset in case you skilled wrong. Recording is an interesting feature we already discussed internally. It might come at some point. Attribute reset will have to be discussed. Decisions should be taken cautiously and thus be irrevokable. There will be many ways to improve your movement speed, a walking skill is something we have not thought of. Maybe we will.

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November 11, 2008, 10:48:38 PM


Distance Fighting Proposal
Along with another, already implemented, proposal it basically demands for distance fighters having to face/stand in front of their target in order to shoot it. Turning the back on it and run away while shooting is just too unrealistic. --- (would take the fun out of the range fighters class)

Enhanced death animations and cutscenes
Proposing death animations, cutscenes and fighting animations. Fighting animations have been discussed. Cutscenes and death animations might come at some point.

NPC / Shops Idea
Proposal to have NPCs who go to bed at night and close their shop, walk around town or do something else. Could work with unimportant NPCs or assistant NPCs who take the nightshift.

"You advanced in strength"
Basically just having more "personal" messages when leveling up or advancing in a skill, maybe even a random one from some sort of "library". There could be "You feel stronger" for example. Why not?

Faster Mana Regeneration
Gladius is asking for a faster mana regeneration to prevent excessive "manasitting". ---

Funny statistics about your character
Unnecessary but still funny statistics about your char should be gathered and be available to the user. Statistics as there are Walk-O-Meter, Frag-O-Meter, Character Age, Onlinetime, etc. No priority but surely fun to do. Would also love to see an experience counter, showing how much xp a player has collected after reaching level cap.

Monster Tactics
Artificial Iintelligence for monsters so meelee fighters defend ranged warriors or monsters spread to make it harder to kill them with one hit. Would cause less players to login, but some monsters could be made intelligent.

Characters getting gradually more dirty if they don't go to a bath-house. Could work in combination with quests. Additional sprites!

Character Animations
Small animations for when the character is doing nothing. Something like heavy breathing or even a fighting animation. Along with this comes a proposal concerning sleeping and inns. Have already discussed the fighting animations.
Similar Threads: Fighting Animations

Celix wants to know whether there will be the possibility to choose a race at the official release. A small discussion. Races are something we would definitely like to have, but won't have at release and won't have if we don't find a role for them that complements already existing gameplay and fits in our lore. Complex topic.
Similar Threads: Races? - More answers

Crafts as NPC controlled guilds supervising trade in the cities and centers of teaching for the current crafting skills. ---

The Fruits of Hard Work & Studies
Aidan Aneirin wants interactive books that cannot only be read but also teach spells through riddles hidden in the books and other small features. ---

Barrels Blocking
STiX holds that people should be able to push people onto barrels in order to avoid situations like the ones he presents on a screenshot in his thread. ---

Killing Experience
A very controversial suggestion to introduce a system to the game that allows players to become better at killing a certain monster type when it is killed often enough (thus gaining "killing experience"). ---

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November 11, 2008, 10:48:48 PM

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November 11, 2008, 10:49:01 PM


Talent Points (Thread): Each level advance allows you to distribute three attribute points onto strength, dexterity and wisdom to shape your individual character. These attribute points are handled separately from physical and magical skills.

Creating Items (Thread): With our crafting system this idea is covered extensively.

Selecting text on main channel (Thread): This is possible.

Custom Framerate (Thread): This option can be found in the client's video options.

Water Transition (Thread): Implemented.

Ingame Guide (Thread): There is a help window that should help a lot.

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November 12, 2008, 10:27:13 AM

Great initiative Phineas! I found a few suggestions here that I hadn't read before :P Good job! :)
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November 12, 2008, 11:43:26 AM

Yes Phineas, nice done :)
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November 12, 2008, 02:41:38 PM

Greatly organized! :)
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November 12, 2008, 04:52:58 PM

Appreciated :) Took me about 4 days to finish this, hope it's useful for everyone :)
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November 12, 2008, 05:41:09 PM

Very useful. Great job!