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July 03, 2012, 03:18:39 PM

1 - Smaller rooms with beds and storage room.
2 - Not at all.
3 - Yes, but not at all houses.
4 - I really like gardens, but not so large.
5 - Large city or small town? Large City.
Nearby hunting spots? Yes.
Nearby transportation? Yes.
Nearby temple? No.

6 - Place where i deposit my itens after my hunts, and show my itens ;P.
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July 06, 2012, 06:35:41 PM

Rob wrote:Your views on houses

1. & 2. Should both be edited by the person who owns the space. It would be awesome if the houses were fully customizable and I could set up a shop one day, but then have a gathering on another day. I understand this would be really hard, but I think it would be awesome to be able to add bedrooms, etc to whatever space I'm given. Of course not everything would just be bought as a blank space, but it would have stuff in it which would be editable.[/b]

3. Yes! Balconies would be AMAZING! Also, FLAGS of different nations!

4. I would prefer a garden outside the home where I would be able to grow wheat, fruit, etc... that could be picked.... but just for looks I'd like to be able to edit the 'roof' of my house.

5. I would like my house to be located away from town, but right outside, just hidden, but easily reachable. Near to everything, far from the rest.

6. Customization, and utility. I believe if your going to actually have player housing, you need to be able to give them nearly full control on what they can do with their homes. (Not make it bigger, but maybe one day ;) ;) ;) ) I think if you have a home it needs to have some utility as well, why would you want one? To show off your items? Sure! To be able to escape PKs? Yes plx! A place to hang out with friends? Yea why not! The beds should be able to be slept in, and should provide some kind of bonus. I think easy customization would be nice too, even a 'guest pass' where your house is open to public, but nothing can be touched, moved, or dropped, and everyone is kicked when you turn it off. You know things like this is what makes player housing on games good.
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April 11, 2013, 07:01:28 PM

I did write a huge text and accidentally closed the window and wasn't able to recover it, so here's a little resume of what i've wrote before:

1. I think you should balance both options and consider some aspects:
1. a) The houses with small rooms and living areas, kitchens, etc. have less SQM to put your stuff into. And i believe that the main purpose (for the players, of course) of having a house is to showoff. So, less SQM means "less places to put my stuff", and that's a con. In other hand, they're "more roleplaying", i mean, they're more realistic, cuz' most houses do have small rooms and living areas, that's a pro.
1. b) The houses without those small rooms are very good for showing off your accomplishments and achievements in items or whatever it is. That's a pro. But they look like a big square studio or something.

Conclusion: As for the big studios the main purpose is showing off, what place is better for doing so than the main city square? And if it is a city, i think that the houses with the small rooms should be more secluded, in "Residential" areas (well, I do not know how your mapping is, and i don't know if you have those residential areas, but when i, for instance, made an OTS, i used to focus on roleplaying, and we do know that most cities, mainly those "organized medieval" have those areas).
Obs: There's a lot of variables to be considered to this, but these are some solid arguments.

2. For this i have both an opinion as a suggestion:

Well, the counter direct to the street is a very cool feature, i believe, but there's this big con, that is all the thrash thrown directly into the houses, and there's nothing nobody can do about it.

So, what if, we could control some areas of our houses to be public and others don't? I beliece it's no hard to make a system in which i can select who can enter certain room in the house (or at least, who can open and close doors). Knowing so, it would be no hard too to make house owners to be able to make their houses public.

I'll give an example and explain why doing so: Imagine that i bought this house:


And, let's divide the rooms into A and B:


So, let's assume that I, as the house owner, can control who can or cannot enter each room - or easier, who can or cannot control the doors.
With that authority, I could have a very functional shop.

How? I could make room B public, but not the room A (and only I could control the doors, that means that I could open and close the shop whenever I want to), or I could make all the house public (anyone can enter it - actually it could be a nice feature for hosting parties in any house), but only selected could control the doors. That means that i could put all the items in room A, and everyone could enter the shop whenever i make it open. It would bring you really more control over your houses, meaning that you could use them whenever and however you want to.

3 and 4. Before i'd make a large text explaining about how it depends on each taste and how you should balance the two options based on your own "mapper" and "roleplayer" as much as "architect" instinct, and let the options balanced. But i guess that's the function of this survey, right?

5. That's a really nice question, and it's really hard to give an answer, cuz' it's a very personal idea. All of them should exist, and each one choose the one more convenient for themselves.

If anything was difficult to understand, ask that i will explain it better. Thank you for your attention, and good luck on mapping, I do know how difficult it is to map with real roleplay input.
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October 19, 2013, 09:52:34 PM

1. One big room and several smaller rooms that may or may not have beds.
2. Having a counter within your home to second as a shop is a neat option.
3. Although a balcony is nice, a 2 or 3 story exterior deck that wraps around the abode would be rather neat.
4. Garden is good, but how about a yard for training/crafting?
5. Nearby transportation would be ideal.
6. The most important things that I want from a house is its own unique identity. Something that the player can identify with so that it makes that specific house special to them. Passage to an underground lair that you stash items in. A cave that leads to a dock where you may travel from. Quite possibly a stable to house your mounts. Or a specific statue that is from lore planted in your yard. You have over 200 houses that you have made, not every one of them have to differ from the last, but a variety of sorts would give more players a bond that ties even stronger to the game.

Thanks for the option to give feedback!
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October 19, 2013, 11:34:52 PM

1. One large room for display purposes on the first floor, several smaller rooms with beds on the second floor.
2. Ideally this would be a corner house with the front door on the main-street and a counter built into the wall parallel to the cross-street.
3. Balcony would be very cool, but I like what Lex said above, a deck that wraps around the upper floor (Covering anywhere from three, to all four sides) would be killer! Please incorporate this.
4. Garden would be fantastic, I would like for it to just be grass though. No fixed plants, trees or bushes. Leave that up to the owner.
5. Large city. Transportation is always convenient.
6. Again going back to what Lex said, I think that making all of the houses unique (or at least a good amount) in some way would be very fun for the players. A private underground passage really piques my interest. It doesn't have to lead to something important like transportation. I would like one that leads out to a random hole in the wilderness so that I can sneak into my house underground while out in the wild. Yes, that would be oh so cool.

Thanks for considering what the players want.

Edited: english fail.
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October 25, 2013, 02:38:53 PM

1) several smaller rooms.

2) yes, a house with counter in the market street! but please not so small with a bed in the same place you sell your stuff, at least a 2nd floor to live while your hired npc sell your itens downstairs.

3) yes, balcony for sure.

4) garden is a pretty good idea, you can use it to make unique houses, you could make a garden around the house, on the roof, balcony in the side the important thing is variety.

5) all the options, everybody wants a house! haha

6) as i like houses that really look like houses the most important thing in my opinion is to make costumisable houses to put your identity in the building, so a lot of thing for costumization, so i can make it look like a forge, or a alchemy lab, a warrior house full of equipment, kitchen, bedrooms and etc...
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October 26, 2013, 05:41:07 AM

Rather than stick to the 'template'

I prefer houses be reflective of 'real' houses/apartments/condos. I.e. clearly divisible rooms with different 'functions'. Garden and balcony are nice.

Customization is a +. What if you could drop down a container, use it, and it places a wall up and saves it so you can adjust the layout of your own home.
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October 26, 2013, 10:12:40 AM

1. I prefer several smaller rooms then single big one. Every room should have it own purpose like kitchen, bedroom or storage room for example.

2. I wouldn't buy house with counter if it was aviable. I'm not the kind of player who like trading over other activities. But this option would be great, someone surely would enjoy having counter in his house.

3. Balcony is lovely idea.

4. Same as balcony, it's also great idea. I would love to have garden where I can plant some trees or flowers. I prefer having it next to the house.

5. Small town nearby transportation.

6. Having a purpose other then only decoration. It would be great if player could customize his own house for his needs. For example creating alchemy lab in one of the rooms.
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October 27, 2013, 03:58:45 PM

Why not having all this variety of house's options?
I like it all... the only one problem is when the house if a big square and theres no furniture to make it looks like a house
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