Peonso's Feedback Thread

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October 27, 2017, 06:48:00 AM

I'm in the middle of my first play session, got some things to say.

1 - The client UI is amazing, I got a really great felling about it. Only one issue bothered me was some default settings. Right channels should be minimized as default, it took me 6 hours of game play to figure it out I was even able to minimize it and how to do it. World chat should be opened by default also, there are few people playing, making they be able to easily communicate should be priority. Since there was only 2 chats open I couldn't differ which one was open and my first half hour of game play I couldn't talk to NPCs because I was in Console and didn't knew. Also when I log back the changes I made are not saved, my chats are closed again, it split in the middle, right chats are maximized.

2 - I liked all monsters sprites and but humans seam stiff.

3 - As a colorblind, attacking highlight is painful to notice and gave me a REALLY HARD TIME, I only know if I'm attacking from the numbers floating from hits.

4 - Not being able to follow monsters I'm attacking was also a pain, also helped the previous issue, since my character won't move if I start attacking, making again hard to notice if I'm attacking. It made it impossible to hit fleeing monsters, even if I'm faster, because of my South America latency. I couldn't even corner a faster monster, as Roe, since it kept moving and my latency didn't allow me to take a step on its direction before it moved again and took the sqm I was willing to move.

5 - The way I can highlight pickable items is awesome.

6 - Buff/Debuff column could be moved to the left of inventory or maybe near health/mana to make it easier to spot.

7 - Selling items to NPCs is painful. Would be a good idea to add 2 tabs, one for buying and one for selling items?

8 - Moving stacks with "Alt+left click" seems just stubbornness to be different from Tibia, while you have "Shift+left click" and "Ctrl+left click" with the same purpose. Specially when you can "Left click+Ctrl" to move stacks also. Please allow us to "Ctrl+left click" to move stacks.

9 - The way light plays while entering caves at top floors is great. Fog effect also top notch.

10 - Please make items auto stack at inventory.

11 - The way I can position stuff in my inventory in the slot I want helps a lot.
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