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October 10, 2020, 03:38:28 AM

Greeting fellow adventurers,

Life goes fast! I mean, we've been doing our business and living here and there with this beloved masterpiece in a place in our hearts, right? I think I started my journey here around 2008 , Well, life's good so far, I've been able to graduate, get married, running my own business and now seeing my daugher growing up.... I even fell in love with boxing and bodybuilding along with my passion for custom motorcycles , well time has past and I still remember the gold times here, couldnt resist to give it a check, and wonder how things are going... Thank you for keeping this gem alive , I really wish you guys the best. I hope to be active as time goes gentle with me, and hopefully , spreading joy and excitement exploring a new era on Phobos. Peace! :twisted:
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